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Inform your audience, cut through the noise and make effective decisions for the future.

We produce cutting edge economic and social analysis, translate it into actionable insights, and develop strategies that drive impact at scale. We offer a global pulse on what is happening today, reduce uncertainty around emerging trends, and bring clarity to decision making.

Our solutions range from world-class indices development, to applied foresight, and bespoke research and analysis. And we develop global amplification and visibility opportunities with our partners, ranging from the United Nations to the World Economic Forum, and our high-calibre global network.

Indices Development

Indices & Metrics Development
By measuring the performance of a group, organisation, market, or country on an important topic, an index or scorecard provides a powerful snapshot that can inform decisions and shape agendas. We partner with clients to develop bespoke indices, visualise them through interactive data tools, and generate unique insights amplified through internal and external channels, end to end.

Applied Foresight

Applied Foresight
We provide expert analysis on emerging issues through foresight methodologies, including scenario planning, trend analysis, and strategic insights. We make sense of large-scale data to forecast global trends, and use our extensive research to give you an exclusive view into future opportunities and risks, enabling the decisions of today.

Bespoke Research & Analysis

Bespoke Research & Analysis
We deliver bespoke research and analysis to provide you with the authority to speak on any subject, and influence agendas that matter. We design, execute, and analyse surveys to assist companies in understanding their stakeholders.  We help determine the most essential KPIs for our clients, and develop a tailored monitoring and performance tracking strategy to help them reach their future objectives. We discover opportunities for growth and innovation in your area of expertise.

Social Innovation & Sustainability

Impact Evaluation, Social Innovation & Sustainability
We support organisations in understanding their impact, conduct impact evaluations and identify opportunities for innovation in areas such as youth development, gender equality and net zero. We leverage our cross-cutting research and team of experts on social and sustainability issues to give you a bespoke approach to formulating and delivering innovative solutions.  


Horizon helps you make the most of the insights generated by amplifying them on a global stage through sophisticated visualisation tools, media strategy, and platform partnerships.We help you build alliances, engage a global community and leverage global platforms from the World Economic Forum to the United Nations, by co-designing events with high-profile speakers and participants.

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